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Ningbo Hutai Food Machinery Co. Ltd, is located at Xizhou Town, a traffic artery of Xiangshan County Zhejiang Province. Our factory, established in 2000, is specializead in manufacturing beer brewing equipment, wine fermentation tanks, honey processing equipment and beverage processing &sterilizing systems. We also always welcome OEM & ODM services for a win-win solution.With strong technical force and most competitive price, we're seeking to establish a good friendship with our customers, and searching for a development by offering high-quality products and services!
Taking customers' satisfactions as the standard of our service, Hutai is committed to establish along-term and stable business relationship. Well always be pragmatic-oriented,and offer the clients with prompt and all-round service,so as to grow and develop together with our clients in the competitive market Hutai is full of vigour and vitality, and will always strive for the development for the customers, the enterprises, and the society!
Microbrew beer is also called self brewing beer,high concentration beer and protoplasmic brewed beer. According to the different raw material and brew technology,there are various beer with different taste and favor,such as yellow beer, white beer,black beer,red beer,brown beer,barley beer,wheat beer ,bitter beer,fruit beer,festival beer and health beer.Beer is an ideal choice for customer in hotel,barbecue shop,restaurant,bar, holiday village and entertainment place.
With delicate appearance,small footprint and easy operation,micro beer brewing equipment make the beer more attractive and popular. Customer can also directly watch the complete process of beer brewing while tasting the favor and comprehend the beer culture. Microbrew beer is widely accepted in the developed counties,and it also spreads gradually throughout china and there's a huge potential market The complete set of micro beer brewing equipments are made up of pulverizing system,mash system,fermentation system,cooling system, control system,CIP system and water treatment system.
The inner body of Satisfactions system and fermentation system are made of stainless steel, and the out appearance is constructed with stainless steel,titanium,purple copper or flame plating.with good work craft and beautiful appearance. PLC system accomplishes the automatic control on the complete brewing process,so that it can guarantee the good quality of the beer production.